"Holstory" is the complex tale of the hundreds of men and women of the American saeculum 1905-1985 - the historic period when all the innovation in American gunleather was accomplished - who revolutionized gunleather designs to suit the Twentieth century and the repeating cartridge pistol. 


Think of the FBI's 'Jelly' Bryce; who drew his S&W .44 from his Myres' holster so quickly in 1934 that all five shots were in a gangster's head before the other man could pull the trigger.


'Holstory ' is filled with biographical information about the fifty significant holster makers whose companies produced the seminal designs of modern gunleather - and are still made today.


It's all accomplished in 224 full-size pages containing 74,000 words, 360 color images, and 1,100 footnotes in support.  

By R.E.D. Nichols and John Witty.


by co-author John Witty from FLORIDA!


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Last updated 05 December 2019

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"Friend Red Nichols and holster collector/guru John Witty teamed for this astounding book.  I'm fortunate enough to have encouraged Red to make this a photo-heavy coffee-table volume that takes the classic 'Packing Iron' book several levels higher.  This honest American history will captivate you."

                    Roy Huntington, editor, American Handgunner (Jan/Feb 2019)

In 1961 Sandra Myres, great-niece (by marriage) of Sam Myres, self-published her biography that she titled

"S.D. Myres - Saddlemaker"

At left is a PDF of Nichols' own autographed (by Sandra Myres) copy that also includes the original's footnotes and its images; plus an addendum abou tSam's successors to date.

FREE postage and handling to your USA address (overseas please enquire)

"Holstory" includes a summary chart that finally allows all Heiser catalogs to be dated quite accurately.  All Heiser catalogs feature sequential numbers but not always dates or even addresses; but combined with Denver's city directories, the several company names that the Heiser family used, anniversaries, and scholarly articles made it possible to create this far more detailed spreadsheet at right in support of the summary.

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